Our Mission

Grounded Wellness is a non profit yoga studio that cultivates a safe space for physical, emotional and spiritual growth through yoga. As a 501c3 Grounded Wellness teachers work with students and the community to integrate mindfulness, yoga and social justice. 

Social Justice and Activism

Our teachers and students have supported many organizations through donation yoga classes. Click here to see our beneficiaries.

You Can Help!

We are bursting at the seams and need more space to expand the work we do! Your donation will help provide the funds needed to cover the captial expenses and start-up costs of openning a new space. We are so excited to be able to provide more classes and workshops that serve our Tucson community and other communities in need. Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support!

Join The Revolution. Love Your Body

ABRY is dedicated to supporting anti-oppression movements and often uses yoga spaces as a way to raise money, educate students about issues, and offer a place for our community to organize.

ABRY classes provide a soothing hour of yoga that invites you to foster a deeper relationship with your one beautiful body through the use of props, chill music, deep breathing and nurturing poses. In the spirit of challenging the paradigm in which no body is ever good enough All Bodies Rise Yoga offers opportunity to reconsider personal and social myths about beauty, and redefine narratives about our bodies. 

It is estimated that young people today see more images of unattainable beauty ideals in one day than our parents did in their entire adolescence. Modern media has created mass body dysmorphia, which leads to wide-spread mental health issues and eating disorders. Many of our students come to the mat in search of a new way to love their bodies.
— Joy Soler
 Pat Albuquerque

Accessible + affordable classes with clear alignment instructions and unique playlists. Classes are offered in the Haunted Hands Studio space at the Metal Arts Village. All classes $5 (or donation)! BYOM (bring your own mat). GROW ROOTS. DO YOGA.