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The Gentle Barn fundraiser Yoga Class #2

The Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita, California take in neglected, abused, or dying farm animals and rehabilitate them and let them live out their lives peacefully. 

Since children naturally identify with animals, we can use interactions with animals to teach children how to behave towards other people. Often when children are abused, they turn their hurt around to abuse others. By teaching empathy and uniting kids with all life, our At-Risk Youth program helps turn these kids from the inner city into protectors instead of abusers.

We believe that our animals are particularly helpful with these children. First, the animals at The Gentle Barn all have histories of abuse, neglect, abandonment or worse. Often the children share similar pasts, and hearing the stories of the animals helps them see that change is possible. Second, as they see that the animals are safe here with us, the children begin to open up, as they too feel safe. Finally, we believe that animals, with their unconditional love and non-judgmental attitude, can often reach kids more deeply and effectively than people can. As the children learn to love the animals, they simultaneously learn to love a part of themselves. As they learn to understand the animals, they learn to understand a part of themselves.

Identifying with the animals at The Gentle Barn helps the children feel safe. When we explore how our abused animals have learned to forgive and overcome their pasts, the animals become role models helping the children reach their goals of surpassing their pain and reaching for their bright futures.

All Bodies Rise Yoga teachers donate class funds periodically to different movements/ organizations that work to transform the world into a place where all bodies are free from oppression. Some past donations by ABRY have been to No More Deaths/No Mas MuertesStanding Rock Sioux Tribe, and Youth On Their Own.

Emma Bell believes that social justice issues are not only reserved for humans. Animal neglect, oppression, abuse, etc. is a very real tragedy and needs our support and awareness. Farm animals especially, who are seen as a consumables and nothing more, have always held a very special place in my heart. If you are interested or intrigued in learning about why factor farming is oppressive, and why animals need our help, feel welcome to message me about this or do your own research.

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