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Yoga Fundraiser for Black Lives Matter Charlottesville

  • Grounded Wellness 3230 North Dodge Boulevard Tucson, AZ, 85716 United States (map)

Tonight proceeds from Emma's ABRY class at Grounded Wellness will be donated to BlackLivesMatter Charlottesville. We, like all of you, am appalled by the acts of hate, violence and discrimination towards marginalized people that occured this weekend, as well as the countless times before.

  • Please bring your own mat! We have a few extra, but only a few. Also, we may run out of blankets, so if you enjoy extra cushioning under your knees or bum, bring one.

  • Depending on how many people show up, we may have to arrange this class indoor/outdoor style; some students will be in the Grounded Wellness space, and some will set up directly outside on the pavement (you will still be able to hear me and the music, and it will be blocked off for safety!). If you would rather practice inside, I suggest you come early. 

  • The Metal Arts Village Tucson's parking lot fills up fairly quickly, so parking can be found on the side street to the north. 

  • If you cannot make it to this fundraiser, you can still donate by writing Amber Ana (founder of Grounded Wellness) a check, or by messaging me for the credit/debit card option. Whatever $ comes in this way, or through the event, will be donated to BlackLivesMatter Charlottesville in one lump sum. Also, Jessica Luse's class on Tuesday (the 22nd) at 8:30am at Grounded Wellness is another opportunity for gathering donations! 

Donating $5 or more may not seem like much, but collectively we can lend a helping hand to this important movement by simply giving the spare cash in our pockets, and enjoying a soothing yoga class. As a white, cis-gendered, able bodied person I recognize my priviledge in this society, and aim to learn more about how I can help dismantle all bodily discrimination. Donating the funds from this class is a tiny step towards the activist I would like to be.

All Bodies Rise Yoga focuses on spreading body positivy and mental health, as well as the ever crucial component that is social justice. We believe that as long as oppression exists for some, none are truly free. In the words of  The Militant Baker, "We have to realize that indifference towards the safety and well-being of other bodies is antiethical to body positivity," and that "the way we view our bodies impacts the way we participate in the world." 

No matter what body you reside in, we must support each other, stand up for each other. We must do what we can for our neighbors, our communities, our friends... everyone. All bodies deserve the right to be unapologetically and safely themselves. In order to be able to give and help others, we must first take care of ourselves by showing self compassion and taking the time to recharge, and release our own trauma. Self care is not selfish.

Come to class to soothe your nervous system, move through any difficult and valid emotions you may be feeling. Take an hour out of your day for self care, then return back to reality and show real support for all those who's rights and lives have been and continue to be disregarded and threatened in our country.